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Terence holds over 20 years of experience in the barbering industry and has learned an extended amount of different styles and techniques with hair cutting, grooming and maintenance. Terence acquired a lot of his barbering skills through his travels abroad in places such as Toronto, Montreal, Germany, France and St. Lucia. Being so well versed with various cultures and communities has garnered his talent to transcend borders, gender, age and hair type. 

Since relocating to the Maritimes, Terence has discovered a niche in Halifax for his mobile barbering service.  He has found a way to cater to a variety of people who enjoy the convenience of having their hair service be held in the comforts of their home, or in the privacy of their office instead of having to travel and/or wait at a salon/barbershop to be seen. 

With the growing changes of the city, transportation challenges and/or lack of time this kind of service is much needed for many individuals. We can ensure a pleasant service leaving you satisfied with Terence's quality of work.